Product Submissions

If you have a digital product that you would like to see listed on the ‘World of Mentalism’ site then please do not hesitate to contact us via email at -

Please be sure to include all of the following information within your email -

  • The digital product itself
  • The ad copy 
  • The product image (should you have one already)
  • The retail price 
  • Your preferred method of payment (we generally find that Paypal is the best option)
  • A video demonstration to accompany your product (should you have one)

Note: Should you have a question that isn’t answered below then please don’t hesitate to contact us via the email address listed above. 
Is ‘World of Mentalism’ a legitimate business?
Yes, ‘World of Mentalism’ is the sister company to MindFX ( which has been up and running for several years now and is ran by Michael Murray who is well known within the field of mentalism.
I don’t have an image to go with my product, can you create one for me?
The simple answer is ‘Yes’, providing your digital product is approved for listing then we will be happy to create a unique cover image for your product. 
What is the percentage split for the royalty on each sale?
Unless otherwise agreed, ’World of Mentalism’ operates a straight 50/50 profit split on each product hosted on this site.
When will I get paid?
All royalties owed will be paid at the beginning of each calendar month.  Should you receive over 50 sales within any calendar month then ‘World of Mentalism’ will issue an early payment for every 50 sales made. 

Can I get paid early?
Yes, if you require an early payout then simply email us at info@worldofmentalism and we will send any outstanding payments to you within 48hrs.
Is it possible to track my sales on your site?
Yes, when your product is approved for listing we will give you details on how you can check the live sales count on any products hosted through us.
Will you offer discounts on my product(s)?
‘World of Mentalism’ will NEVER discount your products without prior agreement with each creator.
What can I do to help promote sales of my product?
‘World of Mentalism’ will periodically contact you to discuss ways in which we can help to promote sales of your product(s).  From your personal standpoint, we would recommend that you attempt to fulfil as many of the below criteria as possible -

  • Forward us a video performance which can be added to the product page
  • Paste a link to your product(s) on any social media sites that you are connected to
  • Post details of your product on any magic/mentalism forums that you are a member of
  • Request that any known purchasers of your product leave a review on the ‘World of Mentalism’ site
  • At your request, we are also happy to run a discount promotion on your product
    If I agree to host my product with ‘World of Mentalism’ can I still host it elsewhere?
    Whilst ‘World of Mentalism’ is happy to host exclusive products, long-term exclusives are generally a bad idea for creators.  As such we are more than happy for you to host your product with other companies too. 
    Although I have created my routine independently how can I tell if it is original?
    If you have any concerns over the originality of any of your ideas then we will be happy to help you research them and where possible we will also help to provide you with any appropriate credits.
    I have a great idea but it relies on a technique or principle that belongs to someone else, can I still release it?
    If your effect or routine relies upon the work of others then it is always important to seek the blessing of the originator before you can include their ideas/principles or techniques within your work.  Where possible. ‘World of Mentalism’ will be happy to assist you in this regard.