Riven (E-Book)

Riven (E-Book)

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Riven is a set of techniques for use with small post it pads (51x38 mm) which allow for a series of classic mentalism effects.
From 1:1 close up and stage ‘add a number’ effects to predictions and word reveals, Riven will give you a set of techniques which only require the humble post it pad and a pen.


  • Introduction 
  • The Riven Gimmick 
  • Decisions Decisions 
  • Riven Envelope Prediction 
  • Asunder (add a number effect)
  • The encapsulated peek 
  • Dreamer’s Force 
  • Office Roulette 
  • Other Peeks 
  • Post it pad as a billet 
  • An essay on the 50/50 choice 
  • Psychological Premise: 
  • Influence Premise: 
  • Mind Reading Premise: 
  • Name guess